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Air conditioning units v Cooling fans


It’s the summer, and that means that temperatures are beginning to rise! If your business or home has warm air heating, you might be struggling to keep your environment at a cool and comfortable temperature.

The cost of cooling down large spaces can be costly especially during these summer months, bills can rise quickly, and it can become expensive. If you need help choosing an efficient method to reduce the temperature of your environment, we think you should take a look at our air conditioning units or cooling fans.

Below we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning units and cooling fans to help you decide which would best suit your needs.

Air Conditioning Units:

Air conditioning

The Advantages

  • Air conditioning units can improve the quality of air in your working environment or at home.
  • An air conditioning unit can result in less sweating which can increase levels of comfort.
  • The use of air conditioning has the potential to increase the intellectual productivity in the workplace.
  • If an office closes the windows while the air conditioning unit is on, there will be less noise from the outside, and it will not be as noticeable as the sound from a cooling fan.

The Disadvantages

  • A specialist is required to install and maintain an air conditioning unit so that it can continuously improve the air quality.
  • The circulation of air from an air conditioning unit can spread and increase the risk of respiratory infections and diseases.
  • Changes in air flow can affect the respiratory system.
  • Air conditioning can cause problems with those who have eye conditions and wear contact lenses.

Cooling fans

Cooling Fans:

The Advantages

  • Protects electronic devices from overheating.
  • You do not have to be a specialist to setup a cooling fan.
  • A cooling fan does not cost very much compared to an air conditioning unit.
  • Cooling fans can be easily transported to different locations, and they can be placed on a desk, a table or a floor.
  • A cooling fan doesn’t take up very much space.

The Disadvantages

  • It can be extremely noisy.
  • The safety of others has to be kept in mind when deciding on where to position a cooling fan.
  • A fan can have a limited cooling range and might only be used for air circulation purposes.

Our Conclusion

Whether you choose an air conditioning unit or a cooling fan, everyone has different needs for a cooling system. Consider which one has the most benefits for your requirements. Although if your priority is to save money, then a cooling fan could be the most suitable option for you.

Are you need of some help cooling your home or business? Call us on 0800 6444 308 if you think your home or business could benefit from one of our excellent cooling fans or air conditioning units.

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