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Our Top Brands For Portable Heaters


Master B150 Dual Voltage CED Direct Oil Fired Portable HeaterSome of our most popular products come from our range of oil fired and gas fired portable heaters. These all offer the great advantages associated with being portable, plus at Wholesale Heaters we stock a range of industry-leading brands to give you can excellent selection to choose from.

Why are portable heaters preferred?

Oh course, not everyone’s needs will be met by a portable heater, but they do offer some excellent benefits for a wide range of users. They are usually compatible with standard-sized trolleys or come with fitted wheels so that they can easily be moved around as required. This is ideal for keeping heating costs down in a large, indoor workplace such as a warehouse or factory, especially when workers are only in certain areas at one time.

Which brands are the best?

We only stock the leading UK brands here at Wholesale Heaters, so you can choose any portable heaters from our range and be guaranteed a great quality product. Your specific needs will determine what you should choose (including the size of the area you need to heat, type of fuel, budget constraints and so on).

However, some of our heaters are particular popular due to their versatility and effectiveness. Our top three sellers are all supplied by Master, specialists in portable heaters with over five decades of experience in the industry. Our number one seller in this category is the Master B150 oil fired heater with an output of 44kW. Not only can this 28kg model be easily moved around on its trolley, it can heat a large indoor area such as a factory or workshop very quickly.

Master also provide infrared oil heaters, which have the advantages of being extremely quiet and not creating air flow, which will be preferred by some users. Gas fired portable heaters are another popular option, depending on what fuel type is the most convenient for you.

Arcotherm is the second most popular brand we stock when it comes to portable heating solutions, especially their diesel fired models such as the 39kW Arcotherm GE36. We also have a wide selection of Broughton heaters and fans, most of which are designed for easy portability so you can be flexible with how you use them.





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