Reznor Ultra ULSA25 (25kw) 109% efficiency heater

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Model Range 
The RHeco condensing units consisting of five models is available with heat outputs ranging from 25kW to 95kW for use on natural gas or propane.

Thermal efficiency of 100% at full load and up to 109% at minimum load for lower operational costs
Substantially reduced CO, CO2 and NOx emissions (under 25 ppm) considerably lower than the emissions of the previous generation of unit heaters, and already exceeding European standards
Reduced energy bills
Ideal for new low carbon buildings
Up to 35% energy saving on replacement heaters
Burner with new “pull through” combustion technology. Negative pressure ensures that no gas or flue gas can escape into the heated space
Versatile flue options (top or rear connections) for ease of installation
High flow axial fan for a powerful air throw, decreases stratification and improves heat distribution
5:1 turn down ratio for close temperature control. Reduced temperature gradients help prevent stratification.

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