Arcotherm GE46 Direct Oil Fired Heater - 49kw - Dual Voltage

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The Arcotherm GE46 (D/V) Direct Oil Fired Heater has an output of 49kW (168,000 BTUs) and is 100% thermally efficient.

As with all direct fired heaters, the GE46 should only be operated in a well ventilated environment, but is ideal in many varying applications; from construction, workshop heating, and agriculture / horticulture, the GE46's portablility makes it the perfect solution.

The unit can be operated in either the manual or automatic position; to operate in manual, the main switch should be put into position (I) - the unit will then run until switched off manually. When the main switch is in the automatic position (II), the unit is used in conjunction with the Heavy Duty Thermostat (02AC582), which has a temperature range of -5/+50°C.

Equipped with various safety features, the GE46 has an electronic flame control sensor and safety thermostat; the AISI 430 Stainless Steel combustion chamber is protected by an automatic post ventilation process. As with all Arcotherm oil fired heaters, the GE46 is pump driven, ensuring a consistent quality of ignition.

As with the GE20 and the GE46, the fuel tank is a rugged hydrocarbon resistant polythene, and the fuel hoses are a hydrocarbon resistant rubber with a reinforced textile cover.

Upon receipt of your heater you will receive an e-mail with a link to your warranty registration form; upon submission, and subject to your heater having been serviced in line with Arcotherm Terms and Conditions, the GE46 will carry a 3-Year "Big Five" Warranty.