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How to heat a large warehouse efficiently during the Winter

How to heat a large warehouse efficiently during the Winter

7th Sep 2017

Warehouse heating

Heating a warehouse during the winter months is important, but it can be tricky. Not only should your staff be comfortable when working in this environment, but the quality of your stock could also be affected by cold temperatures. Below we share the best ways to heat a large warehouse. 

Warm air heating

warm air heating

Warm air heating is one of the most popular ways to heat a warehouse. As the name suggests, they heat the air which creates a comfortable working environment for everyone. This heating works by passing air through a heat exchange that then increases the temperature of that air. The important thing here is that the air is distributed around the space evenly, so that there aren't any cold spots.

The great news about warm air heaters is that there are many different types to choose from. There are gas, electric and oil based warm air heaters, all of which do exactly the same job. The important thing to remember is that they need to be placed correctly in the warehouse space, and you may need more than one for very large spaces. 

radiant heating

Radiant heating

Radiant heaters are usually in two different forms - suspended tubes or plaque heaters - which can be wall mounted or also suspended. Both types work by emitting infrared radiation from the hot surface of the heater. Unlike warm air heaters, they do not heat the air, but rather objects and people. This type of heating is usually placed in warehouse areas that lead to the outside, such as loading bays. 


destratification fan

Warehouses ultimately have high ceilings, and so it is important that you suspend destratification fans from the ceiling in order to evenly distribute the warm air. They help to lower the warm air to where it is needed, as well as reducing those heating costs.

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