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Johnson & Starley Warm Air Heaters


As a brand that has now been going for 95 years, Johnson & Starley is a name associated with high quality warm air heating appliances. They are one of the UK’s top suppliers of large domestic heaters, and their technological developments over the years have kept them ahead of the curve. This is why the vast majority of all our domestic heating products are supplied under this respected brand name.

We’re very pleased to stock a wide range of their products today at Wholesale Heaters, with over 20 different products currently in stock. These range from 10kW to 46kW in output level, so there is something here for you whatever your domestic heating requirements are.

You can calculate the British Thermal Units (BTU) required to heat your room and use this to compare different Johnson & Starley heaters, since we have this listed on all our product descriptions in this category. That means you can be sure you’re making the right choice and getting a reliable product that’s suitable for the space you’re heating.

The benefits of Johnson & Starley heaters speak for themselves, and it’s a long list, but just a few of their main features include the following:

  • The latest in domestic heating technology for optimised performance
  • Low noise level when running for minimal disruption
  • Environmentally friendly design with low carbon footprint
  • Energy efficiency for better heating performance and lower fuel consumption
  • Powerful enough for use in larger locations as well as domestic homes (including schools, sports halls, receptions, churches, shops and many more locations)

All Johnson & Starley heaters are provided with easy-to-use controls (including timer, ignition control and more), plus they can be installed with only minimal time and expertise required.

To find out more about these popular heaters, simple browse the range of Johnson & Starley domestic warm air heaters on our website and take a look at the options. You will find PDF downloads containing useful information about each product. Alternatively, you can always get in touch with us with any questions you can’t find the answer to.





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