Master B9 EPB Electric Heater 400v 9kw

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MASTER B 9 EPB electric heater

4,5 / 9,0 kW
15.350 / 30.700 Btu/h
3.870 / 7.740 Kcal/h
Air displacement:
Rated current:
Switch pos. 1:
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
800 m3/h 3 x 13 A OFF 420 x 330 x 430 mm
Power supply:
Temperature range:
Switch pos. 2:
Net / gross weight:
400/50 V/Hz 5-35 °C fan 9 / 10,8 kg
Thermostat control:
Resistance norm:
Switch pos. 3:
incorporate IPX4 4,5 kW 24 pcs
Switch pos. 4:
    9,0 kW  

Main features

Model description

No oxygen consumption
No fumes, no odours, no humidity
Low noise
100% Efficiency
Motor with thermal protection
Stainless steel heating elements
Overheat thermostat
Built-in room thermostat
Variable heat
Strong and long lasting construction


Extension cord


Do not place the heater directly under the wall outlet.
Do not touch internal components of the heater.

How it works

Working heater - air flow

Our advice

For maximum drying efficiency use electric fan heater with a MASTER dehumidifier.