Arcotherm EC22 Indirect Oil Fired Heater - 19kw -230v

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The smallest of the EC range, the EC22 has an output of 19kW (65,000 BTUs / Hr) and is ideal for use in small party tents, toilet tents, etc.

Indirect Oil Fired Heaters are most commonly used in the marquee / event / temporary structure industry to provide clean, dry, thermostatically controlled heat inside the structure, with the heater standing safely outside. The ECs are also widely used in construction, horticulture and agriculture and for general space heating.

With a three smoke revolution AISI 430 Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber, the EC22 is 84% thermally efficient; combustion is governed by an automatic control box, together with an electronic flame control sensor, and a safety thermostat. As with all Arcotherm oil fired heaters, the unit is pump-driven, ensuring a consistent burn quality, and ease of maintenance.

The EC22 has a 42 litre hydrocarbon resistant polythene fuel tank, which in turn is connected to textile reinforced, hydrocarbon resistant rubber fuel lines; with a fuel consumption rate of 1.85 Litres / Hr, the EC22 will comfortably support a minimum of 12 hours continual operation when in the manual position (I). The EC22 can be used in conjunction with a Heavy Duty Thermostat (02AC582), by putting the switch into position (II).

The EC22's smaller fan does mean a higher exit temperature at the nose cone; to counteract this, Arcotherm sell only hypalon ducting for this model.

The EC22 can be purchased complete with a Standard Marquee Package, which comprises: 1 Ducting Adaptor, 1m of ducting, Heavy Duty Thermostat, Rain Cowl and delivery.

Upon receipt of your heater you will receive an e-mail with a link to your warranty registration form; upon submission, and subject to your heater having been serviced in line with Arcotherm Terms and Conditions, the EC22 will carry a 3-Year "Big Five" Warranty. Please read the Arcotherm Ts & Cs on our website for further information.