Winterwarm EH30 29.9kw Electric Warm Air Heater

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Winterwarm EH Electrical heater

When generating your own electricity or when gas is not available the Winterwarm electrical heater is a logical solution.

The Winterwarm electrical heaters  still have the advantages of a traditional air heater which are: quick warm up time and even temperature in the building. This is possible as main heating system but also as additional heating system. The modulating fan modulates back in speed as soon as the desired temperature is reached in het room. Extra heated air is added at a low fan speed in order to maintain a stable room temperature and to prevent draughts.


Several control possibilities

The EH air heaters can be controlled by the well-known MultiTherm thermostat. This thermostat controls the modulation of the heating capacity as soon as the desired temperature is almost reached. Consequently, the heater is in operation for a longer period and the air recirculation improves.

The MultiTherm can control 8 heaters at a time. It is even possible to combine an EH air heater with an XR or HR gasfired heater on the same MultiTherm thermostat. When more than one EH air heater is connected to a MultiTherm they start operating one at a time in order to prevent a peak load. An Interface Board is available to be able to control the heaters with a 0-10V signal and to forward malfunctions to a BMS. Also a simple  230 V. room thermostat is available for on/off operation.


Flexible and simple installation

The EH heater can be mounted to the wall with a wall bracket or to the ceiling with threaded rod. Use of the design console allows the heater to be tilted for a diagonal air discharge directed to the floor. As standard the heater is provided with horizontal louvres; optional vertical louvres can be mounted. The modulating fan adds exactly the heat volume which is necessary to keep the room at an even and comfortable temperature. 




  • variable heating capacity
  • effective heating of the room
  • two-step fan
  • even heat distribtution 
  • repacable heating elements
  • heater tiltable
  • no peak load
  • control 1- 8 heaters with 1 thermostat 
  • simple to install
  • 5 capacitities 10-40 kW
  • compact and low weight
  • sustainable heating solution when combined with solar panels

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