Johnson & Starley C16D Condensing Domestic Warm Air Heater

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Johnson & Starley's all new WarmCair range of Super-Efficient condensing Warm Air Central Heating appliances (10kW to 46kW)

Building on our position as market leaders in the Warm Air Heating Industry and using the latest proven cutting edge technology, the WarmCair range of Condensing Warm Air Heaters have been designed to offer exceptional reliability, unrivalled efficiency and warmth combined with low carbon emissions and low operating noise levels. Patent approvals applications are in place for Europe and the USA and Canada.

Available with or without Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and in either upflow or downflow models, the WarmCair range offers a host of uplow or downflow models, the WarmCair range offers a host of energy saving features

Suitable for upgrages and new build the WarmCair range can replace any existing warm air heater, and with installations generally being possible in less than a day disruption is kept to a minimum

Having a Thermal efficiency of up to 98%, indications from our field trials have shown savings in gas consumption of up to 28%. The savings are dependant upon usage, lifestyle, property size, insulation values and fuel costs.

This is without doubt our most innovative Warm Air Heater development and with the range going up to 46kW units for the first time, they will be capable of meeting commercial heating requirements in schools, nursing homes, small hotels, retail outlets, sports halls and community centers.

Please call for bespoke options.