Arcotherm Fire 25 Direct Radiant Oil Heater - 26kw

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The FIRE 25 is an oil fired radiant heater with an output of 26kW (89,000 BTUs / Hr) and is ideal for "spot" heating in workshops, construction, etc.

Heating by radiation generates no movement of air, and therefore reduces noise and the disturbance of dust, etc; as with all direct fired heaters, the FIRE 25 must be used in well ventilated environment.

The fuel tank is manufactured from a shockproof rotomoulded polythene, with the fuel pipes being hydrocarbon resistant rubber with metal casing. The AISI 430 Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber is protected by post-ventilation cooling, designed to prevent the rapid contraction of the chamber. The heater's outer cover is cooled by forced air over the complete surface of the cone.

Combustion is generated by an automatic control box and, as with all Arcotherm oil heaters, the fuel is delivered at a consistent pressure by way of a pump, driven directly off the motor. The fuel tank has a capacity of 43 litres and is able to support over 15 hours of continual operation if the switch is in position (I); with the switch in position (II) a  Heavy Duty Thermostat (02AC582), with a temperature range of -5/+50°C, can be connected.

Upon receipt of your heater you will receive an e-mail with a link to your warranty registration form; upon submission, and subject to your heater having been serviced in line with Arcotherm Terms and Conditions, the FIRE 25 will carry a 3-Year "Big Five" Warranty.